For applications to be considered, they must be fully completed with all required information prior to the deadlines listed below. Applications that are received after the deadline, or are incomplete or on an old form will not be considered.



  1. Kingdom Builder Foundation has funded over $2.3 million to 190 grants since our inception in 2007.
  2. We have 2 granting cycles per year; in the Spring and Fall.
  3. Our typical grant size is between $500 and $10,000 dollars.
  4. Our granting process is competitive as we typically receive applications for more than we are able to grant.
  5. How to Complete the Grant Application (a webinar) - A video of the webinar we gave to organizations seeking grants from Kingdom Builder Foundation. This video will help you understand what we are looking for in a successful application, and the process for completing your application.


  1. Applicant has prayed for discernment in applying for a grant from Kingdom Builder Foundation.
  2. Applicant is a Solana Beach Presbyterian Church Ministry or Mission, or
  3. Applicant is (or is affiliated with) a non-propfit, 501c3 entity who will receive the funds.
  4. The applicant, or affiliated ministry, has not received grant funds from KBF in the last 9 months (unless part of a multi-year grant).


Kingdom Builder Foundation's Granting Committee, made up of volunteers that are active members of SBPC, meets every cycle to review all eligible applications. Our granting committee reviews applications to evaluate and discern which grants and how much is to be given with the available funds. Given the volume of applicants and limited amounts of funding available each cycle, not all applications receive grants or their entire amount requested. Our volunteer members have a heart for each ministry that applies, but do their best to discern God’s will in selecting the grants to be funded each cycle. The criteria they evaluate are as follows:

  1. Alignment – Project aligns with the vision and mission of Solana Beach Presbyterian Church.
  2. Stewardship – Application is complete and clear giving Kingdom Builder Foundation a full picture of the ministry/project and how all funding is being provided. Demonstrating that the applicant can effectively accomplish their goals with the funding being provided by Kingdom Builder Foundation and others.
  3. Sustainability – Application demonstrates that future funding needs of the ministry can be met through sustainable sources other than additional Kingdom Builder Foundation grants, or the application is for a one time project that will provide benefits to those it serves in the future.
  4. Spiritual Impact – Application demonstrates significant Kingdom impact potential in terms of breadth (number of lives changed) and/or depth (spiritual growth) in Christ’s name relative to amount being requested.
  5. Purpose – Any funding provided by Kingdom Builder Foundation goes towards quality and impactful uses.


  1. Kingdom Builder Foundation does not support ongoing day-to-day operations (e.g. salaries, benefits, utilities) or facility needs. These types of expenses may be considered for seeding or start-up activities.
  2. Applications for seminary education leading to a degree will not be considered by Kingdom Builder Foundation Granting Committee (inquire regarding the SBPC Seminary Fund).
  3. Kingdom Builder Foundation will consider funding multi-year grant requests (no greater than 5 years) for a project that states clear annual milestones that will be met as conditions of future funding.


  1. Applicants are expected to review the materials provided on the Kingdom Builder Foundation website and pray for discernment on whether their application aligns with the criteria KBF uses when making grants.
  2. Applicants are expected to submit a fully completed application, on the proper form, prior to the posted deadlines, providing the Kingdom Builder Foundation Granting Committee with a full picture of what they are hoping to accomplish with funding from KBF.
  3. Kingdom Builder Foundation typically takes 30 – 60 days after the deadline to fully process applications. During that time applicants should be available to answer any questions regarding their application or provide more information if needed.
  4. 30 – 60 days following application deadlines Kingdom Builder Foundation will notify you if we will be providing a grant or not to your organization.
  5. Should your application request be granted, you will be required to complete a Post Grant Information Report & possible interviews.


The Granting Committee meets as a team to review applications, pray for guidance on how to evaluate needs and discern which grants to award.

2024 Spring Monday, April 15 11:59 PM PST
2024 Fall Monday, October 14 11:59 PM PST